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What is SMSBox

SMSBox is a simple SMS conveyor system developed by Pacific Fortunes that allows a person to send one message to multiple receipients straight from their phone. You do not need internet nor a computer to send a message to all your clients at once or all parents in your school or even all members of your SACCO.

You have an option of having all your messages branded with your BRAND NAME as the sender or use the default brand name. All you need to do is create an account with us and start sending your messages to all your clients currently in your list. You can have a simple list i.e all members/clients belong to the same list or a multi-list meaning you have several Groups. You can then send a message to a specific group or all members of the list.

This makes communication faster and efficient. You compose only one new message and send to SMSBox, and it will handle everything for you! Including status report!

This system is best for SACCOs, Schools, Churches, Chama/Organized groups, Companies with many employee etc

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  • STEP 1:

    You request for an SMSBox Account by completing the form above or emailing us on:

    STEP 2:

    We will contact you to get more information and create your account using an 'admin phone number ' you will provide

    STEP 3:

    You will be given a number where your users will subscribe to or where you will add users yourself

    STEP 4:

    You are made an author, and start sending messages to 'Author Number' (will be given to you too).

    STEP 5:

    You will get a confirmation of how many people received your message.
  • SMSBox targets to ease communication within an organization by handling the bulk of the work and offloading the communications personnel. The target Users include:
    • Schools - Will ease communication from the school to parents. Messages can be sent to all parents, or a group of parents i.e All Parents with pupils in Standard 8
    • SACCOS - SMSBox can quickly boost communication effectiveness of SACCO members by sending them regular updates
    • Groups/Chamas - Let no member miss an update about your chama. Meetings, payment reminders and any other alerts can be well served by SMSBox
    • Organization with many staff/Employees - Employer to Employee relation can be made more professional via SMSBox by sending them professional messages not from a personalized number but from the Corporate Brand
    • All messages are branded by your Organization Name thus stamping on your identity
    • You don't miss a single member in your message delivery.
    • No one knows your telephone number. Keep it professional
    • No Internet, No Computer required. Just your phone (also the phone doesn't need to have internet connection. Only the ability to 'compose new message' is required)
    • Take advantage of our Supersonic FAst Servers! Imagine you want to send 1 message to 650 people! With SMSBox delivery time is almost the same for all the 650 recipients. But you only send one message to us
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