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Spy Bulb Camera

A Camera that Looks and Operates Like a Light Bulb with a Simple, Intuitive Set-Up There are few things more commonplace and unlikely to attract attention than a light bulb in the ceiling fixture above you. Maximizing it’s elevated vantage point, and featuring a 120° viewing angle, the Light Bulb Hidden Camera is not only designed to look like a modern, energy-efficient light bulb, but is fully capable of functioning like one as well. There’s no complicated instructions or setup to go through, simply screw the Light Bulb Camera directly into any standard lighting fixture, and start recording immediately. Just like that, you have the perfectly disguised tool to safeguard your home or business, helping you keep an eye on your valuables and loved ones.  

  • Easy Set Up - Plugs Straight Into Light Socket
  • Plug-in Device (Unlimited Recording Time - Draws Power from Socket)
  • Excellent Nanny Cam
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (Phone and Tablet) Compatible
  • Windows + OSX (Mac) Compatible
  • Motion-Activated 720p HD Night-Vision Video and Audio Recording
  • Fully Functional Light Bulb
  • Wireless  Device: Watch Remotely on Phone or Tablet
  • Up to 32GB of Storage Space or Record to Phone
  • Includes Night Vision
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